5 Days To A Stronger You: Strength Training Challenge

If you have been around the Faithful Workouts community for a while you know how seriously passionate I am about strength training and for a wealth of reasons!

1. Improve Your Metabolism

Strength training is the best way to improve your metabolism because muscle burns up calories faster than fat. When you increase your muscle mass, you boost your resting metabolism allowing your body to burn more calories and why every exercise program should include weight training.

2. Prevents Injury

Studies show tons of back and knee surgeries could be avoided with proper strength training because by improving the strength of the muscles, tendons, and even the ligaments and bones, they are less prone to injury. By building stronger muscles and tendons, we are helping them hold the body in proper alignment while protecting the bones and joints.

3. Longetivity

Strength training provides our bodies with longevity. Athletes who want to be active in sports like tennis, basketball, running, biking will be able to enjoy those activities for many more years by adding strength training to their activities.

It's important to note that spot reduction doesn't work. We shouldn't focus just one area of our bodies because we want it to be skinnier. Strengthening our body as a whole is important to enjoy mobility and agility for years to come.

With these reasons in mind, I want to challenge you to focus on growing your body stronger by committing to strength training over the next 5 days with these workouts and see what a difference it makes in how you feel.

Day 1 Arms, Shoulders & Back



Day 2 Legs & Glutes



Day 3 Core (Beginner & Advanced)

Core Beginner


Core Advanced


Day 4 PAZAZ (Cardio Dance)



Day 5 Stretch



Give yourself a big pat on the back for a job well done this week! Don't you feel stronger and more confident?! Use this challenge as a starting point to make strength training a regular part of your workout routine. Our website includes 100's of FREE workouts. Use the filter system to find the perfect workouts for you!

Michelle is the founder of Faithful Workouts and The Fresh Table. She began her fitness career in 1984 and still loves to help people break free from fitness frustration and move towards a life that's full of physical and spiritual health. Michelle is married to Jeff and they have three children PLUS two lovable dogs.

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