Overcoming Exercise Obstacles

If you want to be healthy, exercise has to be part of your weekly routine. I’ve read your comments about what keeps you from exercising and I really believe if you want to overcome your obstacle it begins with this

ReThink Fitness

Change your thoughts and you change your world.”   Norman Vincent Peale

So many of our obstacles will only be overcome if we change the way we think.

“I don’t have time” 

The reality is, it's not that we don't have time, it's that we need to ReThink what we value. If we value exercise more than other activities we will make the time to do it. Do you value working an extra 30 minutes more than you value your health? If you feel you can’t exercise because you need to spend time with your kids, you need to think about how important your health is if you want to be a great mom. Invite them to exercise with you. (Loads of kids, even as young as 3, exercise to Faithful Workouts!!)

If you want to make certain an activity happens, what do you typically do? Write it in your calendar - right? That is what you need to do with exercise. If you value it and want to make sure you do it - write it down.

We all have been given 24 hours a day. What do you need to say “No” to so you can say “Yes” to exercise?

“I’m Lazy”

I know this might sound corny but try saying to yourself, “I’m full of energy and always accomplish what I set out to do.” You need to understand when you hear the words “I’m lazy” they are not God’s words. You are created in His image and can accomplish so much with His help!

If you feel like you lack energy, the best way to get energy is to exercise. Here is what I want you to try. If you are planning to exercise in the morning, put your workout clothes on first thing. Then, even if you are feeling lethargic commit to doing 1 song of a video or 5 minutes of a different exercise plan. Know you can stop after this if you still really don't want to do it. Almost always, once we start - we get moving - we hear the upbeat music - we continue exercising. Getting started can be the hardest part. 

And remember - you are NOT lazy - You just need a little extra encouragement! 

“I’m injured, I’m too heavy, I'm out of shape”

We need to think about the exercises we CAN DO even though we are injured or out of shape. Always get your mind to focus on what you can do and forget about what you can’t do. Weather it an injury, persistent pain or too much extra weight, there is alway something you can do. 

My neighbor broke his leg and was in a cast from toe to upper thigh. He thought this was going to be a solid reason not workout. Nope, that didn’t give him a pass to skip class.  I showed him how he could ride the exercise bike by strapping one foot to a pedal and setting the broken leg on a chair.  At 84, my mom has horrible back pain but she still gets in the pool to take the pressure off her back and exercises away.  When I was recovering from shoulder surgery I committed to get my legs in their best shape ever. 

If you are just starting to exercise it’s always best to meet with your doctor first. There are obviously some injuries and illnesses that require us to take a break. Too often though, we take breaks when there’s actually a lot we could be doing. I don’t believe in pushing past the pain or ignoring the pain, but I do believe we need to search out what we can do given our situation.

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Start exercising today!


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