The Buzz on Functional Fitness: 5 Big Benefits

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I have some good news! Aging doesn't have to be synonymous with slowing down because you have aches and pains. If you care for your body you should be able to be active and continue to do the things you love. I love that my mom was such a good role model when it came to being active. I saw her enjoying snow ski trips with her girlfriends up until she was 77 years old (her friends were much younger but she definitely kept up).  One of the things I noticed about my mom is that she didn't allow her age to define what she could and could not do. I want to be like that. I don't believe at all in the statement that says, "Act your age."

As you know I am big on exercise. It's good for our brain, it helps us maintain a healthy weight, it improves our mood, it helps us to avoid injuryI AND it helps us to do our everyday activities. It takes strength to be able to pick up our groceries from the trunk of our car. We need strong legs to walk up a flight of stairs. If we want to live independently we need to be able to get up out of a chiar or off the toilet which means we need to strengthen our glue and leg muscles. Even sitting up to get out of bed takes core strength.

The best exercises to keep you doing your every day activities are called "functional exercises". Today I want to share with you a bit about Functional Fitness and some of its benefits. I've also created a workout video (for all fitness levels) that shows you some of my favorite functional movements.

Functional Fitness is a workout approach that's all about preparing your body for real-world activities. It involves movements that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously to promote strength and stamina. The end goal is to be able to perform your everyday tasks such as climbing stairs, carrying groceries, playing with your kids/grandkids, or gardening efficiently, effectively and safely. Remember, working out isn’t just about how you look but about how you feel and what you're capable of achieving.

Like I mentioned earlier, my 93-year-old mom is amazing. She is a testament that your future self will thank you later for the investment you make in your health and fitness today!

Benefits of Functional Fitness:

  1. Everyday Tasks Made Easier:

    Functional Fitness workouts are designed to mimic movements and activities you encounter in your daily life, such as lifting, bending, squatting, and reaching. By training your body to improve in these fundamental movements, you'll find everyday tasks become less taxing and more enjoyable.

  2.  Injury Prevention:

    Functional Fitness exercises incorporate balance and coordination both of which become increasingly important to prevent falls, injuries, and muscle strain. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are a leading cause of injury among older adults, and improving balance and coordination can significantly reduce the risk.

  3. Optimize Core Strength:

    A strong core is the linchpin of Functional Fitness. It supports proper posture, minimizes back pain, and acts as a stabilizer during most all of your movements. Exercises like planks and rotational movements strengthen the core muscles that are essential for everyday activities.

  4. Enhance Cognitive Function:

    Functional Fitness involves complex and cross-body movements that challenge the mind-body connection and have been linked to improved cognitive function, memory, and coordination.

  5. Age Gracefully:

    Functional Fitness is an excellent tool for women of all ages, but it becomes increasingly important as you get older. It can help you maintain your independence and increase your confidence, ensuring you enjoy a high quality of life as you age.

Functional Fitness is more than just a workout trend; it's an approach to your physical well-being that can significantly impact your daily activities and allow you to do the things you enjoy. By focusing on workout moves that align with your day-to-day experiences, you will be well prepared to tackle life's challenges and improve your overall quality of life.

Give this new Functional Workout a try. It's great for all fitness levels.

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