This is Bill

This is Bill. I’ve never met him face to face but I know I will meet him in heaven one day. His story touched me so much that if he was the only person who ever watched Faithful Workouts I would gladly do it all just for him!! When I received this email from his caretaker it made me cry. There is NOTHING that compares to being part of God’s great story and many of you are also part of Bill's story. 

“I’m a caregiver and the man I take care of is 91. He always said he was an atheist. Since I'm a live-in I exercise at his home.  He has been listening to you when you talk about God. He took out an old dusty Bible and he reads it now. I love him and always wanted him to be saved…. It took you to make a believer out of him. I'm so happy because he was running out of time."

Wow…. some day I will meet Bill in heaven and I can’t wait to give him a hug. The amazing thing is there’s more to this story. The lady who is his caretaker also wrote this to me

"I love your workouts and menu plans. I feel healthy. I started out at 167 and my cholesterol was sky high my knees were aching.  I'm 5’ 1” and I now weigh 125. All my neighbors are watching your program now because of how healthy I am. I also feel closer to God. I've never felt chills like I do when you talk about God. You have changed my life. I got closer to God by you but especially when your son, Neal, talked about God after his scare. I had gone through the same thing with Ambien and woke up at a mental institution too. I loved your son's testimony"

I shared this email with my son Neal and thanked him for his willingness to share his story on TV. God used Neal’s story to reach out to her. Because she drew closer to God and because she kept watching the program, Bill came to know Jesus and will spend eternity in heaven. How amazing is God!!

Thank You!!

Thank you, to all of you, who have donated, bought our products, prayed for us, or shared Faithful Workouts with a friend, who, like Bill, wouldn't step foot into a church. Without your support I would not be able to fund the production of the TV programs, dvds and online program. Without your support Bill might not have heard the love and truth of Jesus. You truly played a role in these stories.  

Thank You!!


If you haven't heard Neal's story, here it is

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