How to Fall More in Love with Jesus

How to Fall More in Love with Jesus 

All it takes is a little time

Think of someone you love. Now answer this: how did you come to love them? 

There is no single answer to this question. However, there is a simple one…you spent time with them. 

The same is true of our relationship with Jesus. The more time we spend with Him, the more we learn about His character, listen to His commands, and love Him. 

Now, our culture certainly doesn’t make this easy. Some days it feels like you wake up and jump from one task to the next without a second to take a breath. 

“I need to workout” 

“I need to plan and make dinner”

“Oh, I need to call so-and-so”

“Did I turn off the stove?” 

Seem familiar? 

Our fast-paced, frenzy-filled days make it difficult to carve out intentional time for the Lord. But it’s in this intentional time that we’re able to rest in His love. The most important thing in life is to love and be loved by God, and it starts with spending time with Him. 

I’m the mom of 3 children. One of the biggest ways that they show love to me is by wanting to spend time with me. I especially love it when they come to me and talk about their life. I feel loved and important when they seek my advice. I think it’s the same with God - one way to show your love for Him is by just sitting and talking with Him. 

One powerful thing I often recommend people do so they can fall in love with Jesus is to read the Red Letters (the words that Jesus spoke) in the Gospel of John. By reading His direct words, you will see just how kind, loving, thoughtful and faithful He is. 


Three Strategies to Spend Time with Jesus: 


  • Practice

Think of how you grow your skills in a sport or learn to play an instrument. The more you practice, the better you become at it. The same is true of time with Jesus. The more you practice being with God, the more it becomes a habitual part of your life. You might explore the environments that make you most aware of His presence. For some, it will be in nature. For others, it will be in a closet with the door shut. Over time, you’ll see that God is on your mind more and more throughout the day. 

There’s a great book called “Practicing the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence that discusses how one can experience God at all times. Yes, even in the more difficult moments like doing chores or sitting in traffic! 


  • Prioritize

What’s the top item on your to-do list? This is often the one we work hardest toward completing. I urge you, then, to make time with God your top priority so that your relationship with him may grow. For many, myself included, a jam-packed schedule is one of the greatest obstacles to growing in relationship with Him. You MUST say no to some things so that you can say yes to God. 

Saying you don’t have time to sit with God is like saying you don’t have time to put gas in your car. Much like a car can’t run without gas, I know I can’t “run” properly without stopping to spend time with God. 

For a more in-depth look on this topic, I highly recommend John Mark Comer’s “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry”, where he speaks of the importance of making space in your day for Jesus. 


  • Praise

There are endless ways to spend time with God. Time in prayer and in the Word are some of the first to come to mind, but simply noticing and reflecting on His goodness is a way to praise Him continually. There are endless ways to praise God - through prayer, obedience, singing, dancing and noticing His goodness around you. 

I find that when I go for a walk it’s a great time to praise God. I thank Him for allowing me to be able to walk and breathe. I praise Him for the beauty of His creation. I live in Colorado and am very fortunate to have trees and mountains and streams nearby that remind me of the beauty of His creations - But regardless of where you live, God’s beautiful creation is all around you! 

“I will praise the Lord at all times.

  I will constantly speak his praises.”

Psalm 34:1 (NLT)


Spending time with God is something we can do all day, every day. 

We long to be around those we love. God - who loves us so much that he gave his only Son - longs for us to spend time with Him. He won’t demand it, though. He patiently waits and knocks at the door of our hearts. 


“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. 

If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

Revelation 3:20 (NIV)


Imagine if you stepped into each day knowing you were fully loved by God, and that He is waiting to spend time with you? How would that change your days and your life?

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