5 Essential Morning Practices

5 Essential Morning Practices 

That lead to healthier choices throughout the day

Quick quiz question: 

There are two women. One snoozes her alarm repeatedly then goes straight to the pantry to pour a sugary bowl of cereal, rushing and grumbling as she gets started on the day’s errands. The other stretches upon getting out of bed and enjoys a nutrient-rich breakfast while listening to her favorite Christian podcast.

Which woman will make healthier choices throughout the day? 

I have a feeling you aced this quiz - The woman who chose to nourish her body, mind, and soul will absolutely make healthier choices throughout the day! 

This is because what we do in the morning sets the tone for our day. If we make healthy choices from the moment we wake up, we’re more likely to continue making them. If you incorporate these five healthy morning practices into your daily routine, I fully believe you’ll set yourself up for a more joyful, productive and health-filled day.  


  1. Have a healthy breakfast 

You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But there’s more validity to this statement than you may realize! Consuming nutrient-rich foods such as high fiber grains, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins early in the day provide our bodies with essential vitamins. These nutrients can improve focus, concentration and mood.

I want to especially emphasize the importance of protein on our overall health. It plays a role in making enzymes and hormones, promotes a strong immune system, and helps build and repair muscle, bone and skin tissues. Wow! Did you know you’re getting all those health benefits just by choosing to have protein for breakfast? 

There’s another remarkable effect to morning protein consumption I want to share: weight loss! That’s right - protein also helps with weight loss because it keeps you feeling full and satisfied,  so you’re less likely to overeat. It also helps preserve muscle mass while you're losing fat, which is important for keeping your metabolism up and burning calories efficiently. For high-protein breakfast ideas, check out these recipes: 

One “superfood” I HIGHLY recommend incorporating into your breakfast is quinoa. Quinoa is so good for you because it's packed with nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It's a complete protein source, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids your body needs. Plus, it's gluten-free and versatile, making it a healthy choice for many diets. I often cook extra quinoa at dinner and then use it in these recipes the next morning. Some of my go-to quinoa recipes are linked below: 

I completely understand that it’s challenging some mornings to prepare a full breakfast. After all, we’re typically pretty busy! Having a healthy breakfast already made is a strategy to beat those busy mornings. I am really big on using the dinner I made the night before for my breakfast so I often make extra vegetables or quinoa to add to my eggs in the morning. 


  1. Move your body 

Our bodies were made to move! Engaging in physical activity in the morning can lead to increased energy levels and improved cognition, which may promote consistent healthier choices. The options are endless - you might consider on of FW workout videos that are great to do in the morning  walking with weights, mobility movement, or a peaceful yoga flow

A 2019 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that morning movement is linked to improved reasoning and working memory. In other words, moving your body makes your mind start moving too. Isn’t that incredible? 

When you do one of our workouts, you’re doing something great for your body and mind, but you’re also allowing yourself to put your eyes on Jesus which DEFINITELY will impact the rest of your day. Most of our workout videos contain Christian music and a short devotional. 

For additional morning movement routines, explore our 500+ workouts here! I’m certain there’s one for you! 


  1. Drink water 

Did you know that our bodies are made up of nearly 70% water? After not drinking all night, it's vital to put water into your body in the morning. I love my coffee and I have it every morning, but caffeinated drinks are a diuretic, causing even more dehydration. 

Staying hydrated is essential to our overall health for several reasons. In my book, “ReIgnite”, I discuss how proper hydration plays a vital role in nearly every bodily process including digestion, circulation, numerous chemical reactions, nutrient absorption, waste elimination and flexibility of the blood vessels. It also regulates body temperature, clears the skin and acts as an internal moisturizer. Dehydration, on the other hand, can slow down our metabolism, result in suboptimal cell functioning, and lead to more frequent mood swings. 

Again, this doesn’t mean you must stop enjoying your morning coffee. Just make sure you’re also enjoying glasses of water throughout the day (a good general rule 64 ounces/day). 


  1. Connect with God 

Once again, the options here are endless! You can start the day by reading the Bible, listening to a sermon while getting ready, or playing your favorite worship songs while walking. Each morning, my plan is to read my Bible each morning as I enjoy my coffee. Please remember, though, it’s not about reading your Bible so you can check it off your to-do list, it’s about sitting with God so you can hear from Him. 

For me, connecting with God in the morning places him top-of-mind for the rest of the day. If something is weighing me down, I immediately give it to Him. If I need direction, I seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance. In Matthew 11:30, Jesus says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. We’re a hurried and control-seeking people, but God wants to take the heavy burdens we carry. The peace received when we give Him control over our day is unfathomable. 


  1. Practice gratitude 

Some of you may remember that I had a dog named Mojo. As he got older I would wake up in the morning, look over at him and when I saw him pick up his head and look back at me I would say, "We get another day!" Even though sweet Mojo is no longer here with me on earth, I still try to start every day with that same joyful mindset because God has chosen to give me another day. 

This gratitude-filled mindset is so important, and is Biblically based. Paul shares in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 that God wants us to rejoice, praise and give thanks throughout the day. 

Not only does practicing gratitude feel good, but it is good for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Research supports that practicing gratitude leads to mental health benefits, allows our relationship with God and others to deepen, and even results in better sleep. 

Don’t know where to start? Try one of these gratitude-growing practices: 

  • Before you even get out of bed, think of 3 things you are grateful for
  • Share your gratitude with others 
  • Begin a gratitude journal, documenting gratitude for specific people or experiences

Overall, while individual habits and routines may vary, starting the day with healthy choices such as eating a nutritious breakfast, engaging in physical activity, staying hydrated, connecting with God, and practicing gratitude can contribute to a pattern of healthier behaviors throughout the day. 

What is one morning routine that you’ll incorporate into your daily routine?

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