5 Simple Steps To A Healthy Weight

Here at Faithful Workouts we want our community to embrace that their worth is not found in a number on a scale, it's found in our relationship with Christ. What we weigh is just one way to measure how healthy we are. Feeling good about ourselves from the inside out, how our clothes fit, the amount of energy we have throughout the day and the inner joy we have are also important factors in measuring good health.

To achieve a healthy weight we are sharing these 5 simple but important steps.

1. Prayer

Really, not just saying this because it's the "Christian thing" to say. Spend time talking with God about your health, your struggles and ask Him to help you make healthier choices. You are never alone in your journey. 1 Peter 5:7 tells us that God cares about all the things we care about so if you worry or care about your health talk to Him about it and lean on Him for strength. The enemy wants you to believe you are a failure, that your past defines you, that you are isolated and that you can never overcome challenges but God's word says the complete opposite. He says you were created for a purpose, to prosper and He is with you through it all. Be faithfully rooted in His word and through Christ who gives you strength you can do all things!

2. Make A Plan

When you have a plan you are setting yourself up for success. Begin each week by writing out a meal plan for each day and schedule your workouts. Don't just say "I'll workout 3 times this week." Write them in your calendar (put reminders in your phone too). Set weekly goals and post them where you will see them throughout your day.

If planning out meals and workouts are a struggle for you, we have a great FREE resource for you! Our monthly calendar includes daily workout suggestions and meal plans. Click HERE to access it now and HERE is an article about goal setting that also includes a FREE worksheet too.

3. Drink More Water

Most of us walk around somewhat dehydrated. We often think we are hungry when we are actually just thirsty. Water also gives us a feeling of being full. Studies show that if you drink 8 ounces of water before a meal that you will eat less.

To add more pizzaz to your H20 and a shot of vitamin C, add lime or lemon juice to your water. Here is a recipe for one of my favorite mocktails when I am craving something with more zing!

4. Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables have so many great nutrients and vitamins and are often low in calories. When planning your menu try and add as much color to it as you can. Add some beets, kale, carrots, brussel sprouts to your diet

Another great way to incorporate more veggies is to make a big pot of veggie soup and have a bowl for a snack or part of your meal. Need more recipes for veggies? Hop over to our website where you can watch episodes of our cooking show The Fresh Table for lots of recipes, kitchen hacks and cooking tips.

5. Follow The 80/20 Rule

80% of the time I eat really healthy and 20% of the time I eat kind of healthy. I don't expect to always stick with only the healthiest of food choices and I don't feel like I've failed when I eat foods that aren't that healthy. Now I'm not ever going to go and eat a bunch of Oreos (sugar is the only thing I've pretty much eliminated from my diet) but I will eat a burger and fries without guilt but it's not something I'd do every day.

I hope these tips have inspired you to live healthier and happier every day. Small changes truly can add up to big results!

Are you interested in FREE faith-based workouts for all fitness levels, recipes, meal plans, spiritual encouragement, nutritional guidance and more? Learn more about Faithful Workouts and how we can support you in your journey to better physical and spiritual health! Click HERE to create your FREE account and explore the wealth of info and resources we offer today!


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