At Faithful Workouts, our goal is to encourage you in your faith journey and help you to live the full life that Jesus promises in John 10:10.

Amazing Resources

Check out our amazing resources below!

Your health is like a 3 legged stool. It's important to include faith, fitness & food in your health plan. Our faith resources will help you navigate through life without getting stressed out. We also hope these resources lead you into a deeper relationship with Jesus and help you live with more joy!

Kickstart Plan

We have a special 14-day plan to help you get started. It is an awesome orientation to all that is included on this site. Set yourself up for success and do our Kickstart Plan!

ReIgnite Book and Videos

This book & videos are an amazing resources for individuals and/or small groups. Each chapter includes physical and spiritual health information. Great discussion questions too. 

Youth PE Curriculum

Michelle created a Christian PE Curriculum for families that are in search of a faith based health program to incorporate into their children’s homeschooling schedule!

40 Day Bible Reading Plan

Want to start reading the Bible, but are unsure of where to start? Our Bible reading plan helps you get started by sharing a daily chapter to read. What are you waiting for, start today!

Restart Week

This 7 day devotional series will help you connect with God in an intimate way. Each day includes scripture, questions, songs and action steps for you to take. Feel like you need a fresh perspective on God, start this today!

Inspiring Messages

Need some quick inspiration? Listen to one of our short videos for some quick encouragement. Topics include conquering your goals, joy, living a balanced life and so much more.


Looking for some faith-based workout gear?

In our store, we sell tons of great items to help you on your physical and spiritual health journey! We’ve got exercises DVDs for all fitness levels, we’ve got inspirational and uplifting shirts, exercise equipment, books, home school resources and much more! We put a lot of thought behind everything we sell in our store, and we consider helping to support Faithful Workouts in this way while getting something great for yourself as well!

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