At Faithful Workouts, our exercise videos are different from most others. When you exercise with us, you will hear upbeat Christian music and encouraging words from our instructors that will help you keep your eyes on Jesus as you push through your workout!

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In the Premium Workouts section, you will find over 300 exercise videos!

With our large variety of workouts, we’ve made it simple to find the workout that is just right for you. In our video filter section you can choose the type of workout, level of difficulty, equipment used, instructor and length of workout. Narrow them down until you find the ideal workout for you. Or, you can also enter in a few keywords into the search bar. 

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Improve metabolism, reach weight loss goals faster, avoid injuries and strengthen bones.

Improve heart health, reduce anxiety and depression, promotes better sleep

Open up, breathe, improves balance, reduce stress and back pain, stretch a little more.

Cardio, strength, core, balance and stretching all in one workouts. Super effective workouts.

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