The Importance of “From” Not “For”

I recently picked up one of my favorite books called, “Living From The Unseen”. I opened it randomly in the middle and as I read this line, I just stopped. I knew God didn’t want me just to quickly read it and move on, He wanted me to let it sink in. Sink in, it has. I keep thinking about. I talk to others about it. It is one of the most important sentences I have read in a long time. 

“They no longer need to work for love, rather they will work from love”


This is why a titled this article, “The Importance of From Not For”. If we try and act righteous because we think we will be more loved by God, if we are doing it for love - we’re missing it. If we do kind things for others because we want them to love us more - we’re missing it. If we are trying to change our actions so we will be loved,  it will always be an effort.

I find myself going back to that page in my book often. The book goes on to say that we should not try to act like Jesus, we must ask God to help us believe like Jesus. If we are trying to “act” like Him, then we are just trying to “act” like something we don’t believe we are - “it’s just a performance. This makes the Christian life very difficult. But if we believe like Jesus, we will know we are beloved children of God, in right standing, wholly accepted and heard by the Father. It will cause us to believe that power, healing, love, wisdom and righteousness is something we are - not something we do. When disciples have the same beliefs as Jesus, they will effortlessly love out of their identity.  They will no longer need to work for love, rather they will work from love.

When we spend time with our Heavenly Father and we allow Him to fill us up with His love we can’t help but let that love spread out into the lives of others. We aren’t being kind to others so God and others will love us, we are being kind because we have so much love in us we can't help but want to spread it. 

When you are so filled with God’s love you begin to see the world through His eyes.  When you love others and you believe that telling them about Jesus is the greatest, kindest thing you can do for them is to tell them it becomes so easy to share your faith. 

I choose to share this message with you because I so badly want this to make a profound difference in your life. 

You are loved by God and you don’t need to do things for Him to love you more. My prayer is that you feel His love and because of that  you will love others enough to share the awesome news of Jesus with them. You will share it not because you feel obligated to do so, but because God’s has changed you so much and you want others to experience His love! 

It's why I created Faithful Workouts 11 years ago. So others, including you, can experience a life of true freedom and be transformed from the inside out. I pray you are keeping God at the center of all areas of your life, that you are eating healthy and making exercise a part of your every day life but more importantly I pray you will grow closer to God.

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